Friday, January 29, 2016

Map of destruction by Islamic groups of historic sites

cultural heritage destruction map_0122
 A new map from the Antiquities Coalition shows the destruction of cultural and historic heritage sites across the Middle East and Africa and plots the monuments still at risk from armed extremist groups in the region.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Threat to Saudi Arabia to provoke Pakistan response


Pakistani army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif has reiterated that any threat to Saudi Arabia’s territorial integrity will evoke a response from Islamabad.

Sharif made the remarks Sunday in a statement after Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman called on him in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, adjacent to the capital.

Salman earlier arrived in Islamabad, making him the second top Saudi official to visit Pakistan in a week amid growing tension with Iran over Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr's recent execution.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Mark Biltz, pastor of El Shaddai Ministries in Bonney Lake, Washington, and author of “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” spoke to George Noory on his popular late-night radio show “Coast to Coast.”
When Noory asked what Biltz specifically expects in the near future, the pastor said he sees the possibility of a major war involving Israel and an economic collapse.
Biltz explained he is not looking to prophesy or say exactly what’s going to happen but is simply examining previous blood moon events.
“Look at the patterns; it’s always meant war involving Israel,” he said.
Biltz previously explained that in the two previous instances in which there were four blood moons in a row on Jewish holy days, Israel became a nation, in 1948, and retook Jerusalem, in 1967.”
This time, he said, the final blood moon is lining up closely with the end of the seven-year Shemitah cycle.
“It’s a sign based on the Shemitah cycle, which is that every seven years the land was to rest and there was to be an economic reset. And the last two times [this cycle ended], there was economic collapse.
“I think we could very well could see the collapse of the dollar. You read about it in newspapers all over the world. People are talking about the Chinese, the Russians, everyone else wanting to get off of the U.S. dollar. And once they get rid of the dollar and all these countries that are holding the dollar start dumping it, the dollar collapses.”
Biltz told Noory’s listeners people must pay attention to the blood moons and other astronomical events.


Temple Mt clashes/US requests ban on Jews

Illustrative: A masked Palestinian youth flashes the "V" for victory sign near the Dome of the Rock during clashes with Israeli riot police. (Photo: Sliman Khader/Flash 90) 

For the third straight day on Tuesday, Israeli Police and Palestinians clashed on the Temple Mount, drawing sharp criticism from the UN, the US and the Muslim world.
As police escorted Jews going up to the site on the second day of the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hasana, they were met by dozens of Palestinians who attacked them with rocks, iron bars and firecrackers. A firebomb was also thrown at police, setting wooden beams on fire. The rioters attempted to barricade themselves inside the al Aqsa Mosque but police forced their way in, using tear gas and stun grenades.
Five policemen were lightly injured and an unspecified number of Palestinians were arrested. The director of the Palestinian Red Crescent emergency unit, Amin Abu Ghazaleh, reported that 26 Arabs were injured.
United States State Department spokesman John Kirby condemned the clashes on Monday, stating, “The United States is deeply concerned by the increase in violence and escalating tensions surrounding the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount. We strongly condemn all acts of violence.”
“It is absolutely critical that all sides exercise restraint, refrain from provocative actions and rhetoric and preserve unchanged the historic status quo on the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount,” he added.  The “historical status quo” Kirby is referring to is a ban on Jews on the Temple Mount.
In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Tuesday evening in a special security meeting that “rioters would not be allowed to prevent Jews from visiting the Mount,” a Foreign Ministry statement said.
Condemnation against Israel has also poured in from across the Middle East. Jordan’s King Abdullah addressed the Temple Mount violence in a press conference in Amman on Monday, AFP reported. “Any more provocation in Jerusalem will affect the relationship between Jordan and Israel,” Abdullah said. “Jordan will not have a choice but to take actions, unfortunately.”


Temple Mount clashes/Netanyahu/Policy change

 Here, in the heart of Jerusalem on a traffic island on a central road, a criminal stood and threw one rock after another into the windshield of Jerusalem residents, until he he succeeded in causing death – it is murder,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu said that the rock that caused Levlovitz's death was “one rock too many, and we are declaring war on rioters and those who throw rocks and firebombs.”

The prime minister then went to another site that has recently been plagued by hurled rocks and petrol bombs – Road 443 to that leads from Modi'in to Jerusalem.

“We are changing the policy,” he said. “The current situation is unacceptable to us. We intend to give tools to the police and soldiers to act very aggressively against those who throw rocks and petrol-bombs.”

Netanyahu said that the open-fire regulations will be changed, minimum sentences will be set for those who throw rocks and firebombs, and that “I intend to massively increase fines again minors and their families to deter them.”

Jordan/Israel/Temple Mount Clashes

Abdullah II
(Please note at the end of the article that the Muslims initiated the rock throwing, etc.  Of course, from their point of view, it is the Israeli's causing the problem by coming up to the temple mount during Rosh Hashonnah celebrations.  This is all part of the lead up to the #Armageddon conflict)

Jordan's King Abdullah II warned Israel Monday following arrests of rioters on the Temple Mount, saying he was "very concerned and angered with the recent escalation's in Jerusalem, specifically in Al Aqsa Mosque.”
He issued the statement ahead of a meeting with visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron.
"We have gotten reassurances from the Israelis government that this would not happen. Unfortunately, these are reassurances we have heard in the past," Abdullah said. "Any more provocations in Jerusalem, will affect the relationship between Jordan and Israel; and Jordan will have no choice, but to take action, unfortunately."

"The Jordanian government condemns the assault carried out by special forces of the Israeli occupation army against the Al-Aqsa mosque compound," Information Minister Mohammed Momani said Sunday. Jordan accused Israel of "provocations" and "attempts to change the status quo" at Judaism's holiest site.

Earlier Sunday, masked Muslim rioters hurled rocks and fireworks at police on the Temple Mount, as well as firebombs near two entrances to the site. Jerusalem District Police and Border Police were forced to respond with riot dispersal measures.

Security forces have also issued distancing orders against members of the Islamist groups that routinely riot on the Mount.

Israel -heat lightning, dust storm, Shemittah year

Heat lightning at the Dead Sea

"We've never experienced a night like this, and I've never seen a thunder storm like this," she added. "In the night hours the heavens opened and the desert darkness was lit up by hundreds of hypnotizing lines - we've never seen a sight like that."

The rare heat lightning would seem to back meteorological predictions that Jerusalem is due to receive a thunderstorm later on Wednesday, with building pressure expected to bring rain that would likely clear whatever remaining dust is still in the air.

It has been estimated that the large amount of dust and sand brought into Israel from Syria and Iraq during the sandstorm may bring a boon to the local agriculture if it would fall on the ground in Israel.
The timing has not been lost on some, who point out that the potential benefit to the crops comes right at the Jewish new year at the end of the shemittah year, which is the agricultural sabbatical year in Jewish law. The Torah teaches that if Jews observe the shemittah year, as many farmers did this past year for the first time, Israel will be blessed with agricultural bounty.